We are Talking Mobile!!!

In this upcoming month at the SBCN meeting, we will be discussing mobile apps. Why? Simply put, it is the future and we need to know it! We will spend some time on mobile in general looking at stats, what is an app, what is it good for and a recap of social media that integrates with apps. The easy marketing that comes from all these tools has been given to you through the months and those that took advantage of my time and have followed me online have had a great opportunity to grow. 

As this will be the last segment of the year I wanted to make sure it all fits in. Through the months I have talked about networking, streamlining your business, social media, and the finale on mobile. I want to make sure you guys leave with some information that will help so please email me any questions you have and I will address them during the presentation!

Bring your pens and paper, you will like what I have to say!