Twitter and Facebook: Social Media for Businesses

Engage to Connect

Facebook has almost twice the number of users than the population of both Canada and the United States combined. Twitter has close to 200 million users. Reaching out to this online universe can be more useful for business than leveraging any other medium that you can think of. These two major social networks have cut across geographical boundaries and evolved to a stage where even traditional advertising barriers such as age and language can't hold back their stupendous growth and popularity.

More and more businesses are now looking at ways to effectively utilize social media and reach out to their clients and prospects. Yet, only a few have been able to successfully enjoy the benefits this medium promises. Most businesses seem to think that having a social media presence suffices. Some even make the effort of posting and updating on a regular basis. Yet, they fail to see the traction they were expecting and soon give up. Why?

The most common mistake that business are making with social media...

The key to social media success lies in understanding that it is all about building relationships with your online network. Ironically, most businesses often seem to forget this social aspect of social media activity. You need to engage with your target audience on these platforms to meet your goals. And that engagement can only come from providing value not from making noise.

What should your social media objectives focus on?

  • Brand Building: You no longer need to depend on expensive television commercials or advertising in the leadings print publications. Social media can help you build your brand online.
  • Win new customers: The immediate benefit of being a recognized brand is business growth. You can leverage social media to drive traffic to your website and even foot traffic to your store.
  • Customer service: You can leverage social media to interact with your customers and answer queries or address any complaints they may have.
  • Feedback: You can be in regular touch with your customers to understand their requirements, concern and feedback, and utilize the information to improve your product or service offering.

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