Tis the Season for Setting New Business Goals

Although I find the end of the summer the best time of the year for making new business goals, most entrepreneurs take advantage of the New Year to write down some new goals for their business. I believe as many do, if you don't take the time to decide where you are headed in your business, you stay exactly where you are.  The whole purpose of owning a business is to ensure you are progressing in the growth and services you offer your customers. We aren't meant to uphold the status quo - if we did, we could almost guarantee business failure.

The Power of Goal-Setting - in order to attain goals, make sure:

1. Your goals are very specific.

2. They are measurable.

3. You write them down.

To say I want to increase my revenue next year isn't specific enough, nor measurable.  Take the time to think about what you want and then write down exactly how much more revenue you want to make, how you are going to do this and by when.  For example, you could write, I want to make $55,000.00 more in revenue by December 1, 2015, which means, you would need to make an extra $5000.00 a month next year in order to reach your goal - how? by adding one new customer a month.

Communicating this goal to others helps make it a reality along with taking action! Set daily, weekly and monthly objectives that will get you to this new goal. Before you know it, you will have achieved it.

Now, one of the most essential goals to write is a 'breakthrough' goal (teachings from Jack Canfield Breakthrough to Success Seminar). I was introduced to this concept when I attended Jack's seminar in Scotsdale, Arizona this year.  What exactly does a 'breakthrough' goal look like??

It's a goal that instantly changes your life on many levels - financially, professionally and privately. Whether or not you think you could attain it has no bearing on its power. Just write it down. This could be having your book published, losing the 50 lbs you always wanted to lose or finding that love of your life. You can be assured that whatever the 'breakthrough' goal is, your life will change forever because of it.

Lastly, don't forget to give gratitude for all that you have accomplished in your business and for all that you have in your life. With a great business, and many amazing goals, we forget to be thankful for the love ones and little things that make life so great!

Happy Holidays to you and your family.

All the best for 2015,


Lucie Fournier

Founder/Workplace Health Strategist