Take a Rest - Without feeling Guilty!

Today is Wednesay October 25th and I am struggling to keep up with my work and I know deep down I will feel guilty later on in the day if I give up and take a rest. As the founder of Motivational Steps I have faced many challenges in my business and personal life over the past few years. In fact, my business only came to be because I had made the decision to go back to school after having both my breasts removed due to breast cancer for the second time. Once at school I decide to persue my passion, speaking and here I am today not only a motivational speaker, life coach but an author of a published book!

I am feeling not only tired but I am in a little bit of pain due to a biopsy that was performed early this morning. I am feeling extremely lucky because for the first time my biopsy did not require me to be put to sleep as the surgeon was able to freeze my chest area and remove the suspicious lump whilst I was awake. Early in August of this year, whilst showering, I felt a lump on the right side of my chest wall and at first was quite scared. There is a possibility as a breast cancer survivor that the cancer will return to the chest wall.

So I give myself a good talking to and tell myself that I should not feel guilty and to rest because typing makes my pain worse and I should take my own advice. Waiting for the results from the biopsy should be easier this time around as my instincts are not kicking in and telling me my lump was malignant, cancerous. Talking about my feelings and my stress does halp so I thought my blog was a perfect way to help me relax and share my story.

Tomorrow will bring another day, I will feel better and get on with my work....