The Social Sweetheart Linda Ockwell-Jenner



  Introducing the new me. I worked on a slow re-branding process over the past couple of years. Nothing too drastic because I am still happy with Motivational Steps my speaking and consulting business I started in 2001.

Over time I have changed, evolved, grown and even started a second business, the Small Business Community Network (SBCN), which meant I wanted to address those changes in my brand.

It's very important to keep up with the times and not become stale. The look and feel and how you operate your business is an ongoing work in progress.

I became the Social Sweetheart purely because people referred to me as a sweetheart and I was very social, the name stuck and here I am loving every minute of being the Social Sweetheart. My passion is speaking at conferences/events and when I am engaged to speak it's because I have a broad experience and knowledge that came about purely because I have actually done everything that I speak about and have experienced many challenges and lots of successes.

Starting my first business without any budget, prior business experience and a few months after recovering from a double mastectomy seemed a natural thing for me to do. Writing my first book a few months after another serious operation seemed the natural thing for me to do. I do things, I get things done, I don't just think about doing them.

I love business networking, social networking, building brands, marketing, sales and everything to do with business in today's ever changing world. When I speak my audience feel like they are having a conversation with me, it's all about them.

Want to know more about me, email me, or book me for your next engagement, I promise you we will have a ball!