See Who Your Customer is with Wifi Analytics

One thing that drives many business owners insane with marketing is it often feels like you’re throwing darts at a dartboard – Blindfolded. You try a myriad of tactics, but in reality, you’re just aiming to have something come close to the bullseye while the rest of the efforts swing wildly all over.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get actionable data from existing customers? We thought so, too. It’s why we’re so excited about launching our first product, for a service-based company, our Wifi Analytics Platform.

Most businesses today offer Wifi at their stores, restaurants and in their office lobbies. It’s an incredibly kind gesture to your customers. If your customers are anything like me, they actually are seeking you out because you have Wifi available and they can get work done on the go – without having to worry about their data limit.

Why not get something back for your gesture? Now you can.

Imagine if you could see where your customers hang out online; what Social Networks they use most often, what are their favourite websites? What if you could hit that bullseye for your digital marketing far more easily than ever before? That’s what our Wifi Analytics Platform helps you with.

How’s It Work?

Our platform is simple to deploy, maintain and add routers to expand your network over time. Here are just some of the capabilities of the Wifi Analytics Platform routers:

  • Units mesh together upon being added to the network giving customers one big, consistent network
  • You can have:
    • Open, free networks, or;
    • Restricted networks that you can charge a fee for usage
  • Dual-networks:
    • One for your customers
    • One for you
  • Routers are Wifi-certified by Facebook so users can quickly share that they’re at your business online
  • You can design a custom landing page, and specify a redirect page once the customer has logged in – Imagine being able to redirect customers to a specials page
  • “See” peaks and values in traffic to help you assess missed opportunities
  • Pair the Wifi Analytics Platform with Database Marketing and get a clear picture of both your customer’s online and offline behaviours
  • Never have your staff’s time wasted each day by customers having to ask for a Wifi password. They just click, and they’re connected!

Privacy In-Mind

While data sounds great, we all want to have our privacy respected. No customer would want to feel exposed simply by connecting to a Wifi network. That’s the greatest part of this platform: While it collects data, it’s collecting aggregated data over time, not pin-pointing individuals.

Your customers can rest easy that they will never be directly targeted. As data collection rolls in from your connected customers, you’ll start seeing the digital makeup of your client base.

If you’re looking for a simple, efficient method to see immediate ROI on marketing in your business, start with our Wifi Analytics Platforms today. No more “dumb” routers from Best Buy that crash, hang and don’t provide you, the business owner, any valuable customer insights.