Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!

Homeopathic & Holistic Health Practice Announcement

So, here I am, finally, a Homeopathic Practitioner, sharing the opening of my Cambridge practice with my family, colleagues, and newly found friends from the SBCN. The Practice is centred around providing holistic, natural health solutions for those struggling with general health problems, diseases and mental health issues in the workplace or at home. Promoting choices in the health care system is vital to all of us affected by illness and for those of us wanting to stay healthy.  There is no right or wrong medicine – just choices.

With over 27 years of practice in Western medicine, primarily with employers, I have a dream to bridge Western medicine with holistic medicine – in the workplace and in our communities. My dream is to have the diversity of Health Care Practitioners, collaborating for the health of everyone – united, together in one common goal – optimal wellness.

In the middle of my dream to become a Classical Homeopath, my Mom passed away.  She valiantly survived much longer than we had expected, on Homeopathy. She reminded me that our life’s journey is about achieving our dreams and not getting caught up in the trivial nonsense of day to day ‘stuff’ which most of us spend a lot of time doing. When you watch someone you love slowly die before your eyes, the perspective of how you live your own life soon becomes a reality you are not able to ignore.

Come by and join family & friends in My celebration! Tuesday November 13 at 5 pm for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with an Open House til 8 pm.  We can be found at 284 Water Street North, Cambridge.

In Loving Memory of my Mom,


Lucie Fournier, BA (Psych), DHMHS

Classical Homeopath