Respecting The Process

"Telling people how to be creative is easy - it's only being it that's difficult." -John Cleese

My business card says that I am a "Creative Consultant." I liked the way it looked and enjoyed how it sounded. It seemed more capable and ambitious than "Videographer." Felt more intriguing than "Director." And more importantly inspires people to ask, "What does this mean?"

Chances are if I am giving you my card, we are discussing your needs. If someone says they need photography, we can do that! Videography - of course! Graphic design? Well, you get the idea.

'Respecting the Process' is the business I founded that creates marketing content. We have assembled content for startups, educational institutions, cities, car companies, and our last two clients are listed in Forbes. 

It is an operation that began on the principle of embracing progress and just learning as we go (as you can tell by the name.)

Being creative is my responsibility, but I have noticed that many people consider it a "talent." After hundreds of video shoots, hours upon hours of editing, planning & execution, I officially don't believe it is.

Creativity is simply a way of operating. People hire me to help them define their objectives, oversee marketing efforts and ultimately attract potential customers by creating awareness.

The picture attached to this post is from the very first 'Respecting the Process' videography project. It was shot in an impoverished region in Costa Rica and ultimately was the reason I launched what has become my career.

Although Costa Rica is a far cry from how I am approaching projects now, the principle will always remain the same.

And now I will end this quick thought with another John Cleese quote because this man just gets me today.

"It's easier to be creative if you have other people to play with."


Watch the full documentary here: