A Remembrance Day To Remember - Dedicated To My Son Colin

My son Colin, who is an amazing Artist, has decided to join the Army - wanted to do so since the age of 16.  I've watched this rather slow governmental process come to fruition - he's just waiting for the phone call at this point ( which we hoped would be after the Grey Cup, since we have great seats for the game).  For those of you that know me, my son, has been one of my greatest joys in life, my legacy to the universe when I leave it - always supportive of all my endeavors and ambitions. He has stood patiently by my side encouraging me to reach all my dreams never once telling me that they couldn't be reached, or that it was silly.  Now it's my time to support him in his career choice but I have to say this isn't easy.  Despite knowing that his choice to serve in OUR Canadian Forces is selfless, I still remain a little selfish. I think as parents, there are some days we are glad to see our children move on, but more often, we are sadden that life has got us to this stage, quickly, so it seems.

Why, I asked do you want to have a career in the Army?  At the age of 20 (21 in 9 days), his answer isn't one I hear too often from our younger generation, 'I have the desire to have a bigger purpose in life - to serve more people than myself '.  So, my bigger than life job as a Mother, has been realized, over and over again with THIS CHILD!  Funny words you might say but as a parent, we hope our kids 'turn out alright'.  After spending years shedding sweat, tears and laughter - yep - he is ready for a life of his own, but with a solid life purpose.

Without purpose, there is no where to go and there is no where to hide. Too many of our young are meandering in circles, not knowing what to do with themselves, and worse yet, having no ambition or drive to be something more than who they are today.  Too many parents are busy with their own careers and life and have forgotten that their primary career was to raise responsible, mature and independent young adults. In my line of work, I have spent countless hours listening to parents, stressed, while trying to make a living, talk about their children, some with pride and some with disappointment.

So, on Sunday November 11th , remember Our Canadian Forces that have served us well, remember the ones we have lost, and remember the ones that are making a commitment to our country, today and tomorrow.

To my son - may you find all that you are looking for and need in this career, and this lifetime. I'm very proud of you.

To my nephew Nicholas - Your Aunt Lucie is very proud of your commitment to our country. Nicholas was sworn in August 2012 to Our Canadian Forces and graduated from Basic Training this week.  A picture of him is found on Facebook.


Lucie Fournier

Founder/Workplace Health Strategist