Pros of Buying Your Corporate Laptop from your IT Service

Misconceptions run rampant in the corporate world about the best sources for computers and hardware. This is especially contentious when the need is critical, as in the laptop died and you need a new one yesterday. It’s tempting to drive over to the nearest electronics store and pick one up right now. Before you do that, here are the benefits of purchasing your business laptop from directly from an IT service provider like Polarverse.


Laptop Purchasing



Warranties aren’t often a featured selling point in retail stores, which should be a warning sign. When you purchase a laptop in an electronics store the computer itself probably comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and the store may give you the option of purchasing an additional 3-year warranty with them. When your computer crashes you have to bring it in to the retail store or have it shipped out to a manufacturer-approved site for repair.

When you purchase a laptop from Polarverse the standard is a 3-year warranty and the option to extend to 5 years. All repairs take place onsite; no need to ship your laptop to an approved repair facility or to the manufacturer. Technicians can be at your office by the next business day.

Tools and Setup

When we deliver your new laptop, we have already customized it for your office. Any software you use is loaded and it’s set up to start work the moment it’s plugged in. The operating system that you buy is critical. Businesses need pro-version operating systems, especially Windows. Windows Pro is designed for business with tighter security features and user management capabilities. And if your office runs on a network server, you have to have Pro in order to connect. The computers we supply automatically come with Pro.

Most retail laptops come with the standard (home) operating systems preloaded. You need more power. They also come with tons of software that you don’t want or need like trial versions of games, shopping tools, and weather apps. They take up space on your hard drive and slow start up. After you get the laptop back to the office you either have to spend hours configuring it for the network settings and programs that you need, or you have to pay someone else to do it. Your IT provider is going to charge more for setup because they have to wade through the muck.

Delivery and Turnaround Time

Sure, you can go buy a laptop at the box store today. But then you have to spend either hours setting it up, or you have to set up an appointment with a technician and wait for them to get it back to you. This could take days if not a week or more.

The laptop you purchase from Polarverse often arrives at our location within 1 business day, and we can set it up for you and have it at your office ready to go the next day. We’ll even walk you through any new features if it’s an updated system or one you aren’t familiar with. If your need is critical, we can have the machine expedited to your office for the next business day.

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