Promote Other's Growth

Show your love for others by unselfishly promoting their growth. Share your knowledge & contacts.

I wrote this tweet considering a quote from Milton Mayeroff’s 1972 book On Caring: “Love the selfless promotion of the growth of the other.” I found this in the book “Love is the Killer App” by Tim Sanders where he says that we need to be a lovecat, which means: ”Offer your wisdom freely. Give away your address book to everyone who wants it. And always be human.”  He later says that there are there are at least six considerable benefits for every potential lovecat. The benefits are as follows:

Benefit 1: You Build an Outstanding Brand as a Person. You differentiate yourself by becoming knowledgeable, by sharing your vast network, and by being a compassionate “bizpartner”, thus becoming useful, memorable and personable.

Benefit 2: You Create an Experience and companies that create a positive experience are rewarded with loyalty and premium pricing, while companies paying attention only to the bottom line are not.

Benefit 3: You Have Access to People’s Attention. Think about others “ROA, or Return On Attention”. Give us some of your undivided attention, lovecats say, and we will give you a high return against it. We will supply you with creativity, we will help unlock your imagination, we will build your network, we will give you a foundation for your business practice. When people know that handing over their attention is valuable, they do it.

Benefit 4: You Harness The Power of Positive Presumption. When others see you as a lovecat, you become trusted and respected. With that relationship, they presume your arguments are correct, your recommendations are solid, and your referrals are valuable. They presume that we have their interests at heart.

Benefit 5: You Receive Exceptional Feedback. Recipients of bizlove are more likely to give back in other ways. They may recommend books, help expand your network and refer you to others.

Benefit 6: You Gain Personal Satisfaction.

There are many other great ideas in the book and I encourage you to read it too.

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