PPC: How Does It Help Deliver Qualified Prospects?

Reach The Customers You Want, When you Want To!

Pay-per-Click (PPC) escpecially using Google Adwords has changed the way we view display advertising. Having to pay only when someone clicks your ad gives you some assurance that you are meeting your marketing goals. 

PPC helps you:

  • Generate quality leads quickly: Ads are delivered only to web surfers searching for information related to your keywords. This is good indication that the vistors are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer.
  • Ensure real-time impact: You no longer have to wait several days or even weeks to understand the impact of an ad campaign. With PPC, you can roll out a campaign within hours and watch the results rolling in almost immediately. If required, you can even pause the campaign or experiment with a different creative format based reports generated.
  • Location-based targeting: Local businesses can automate the delivery of ads based on search location and time of day. This enables quicker lead conversion as the target audience is near your business location.
  • Measurability of campaign effectiveness: One of the biggest advantages is the ability to measure how effective your campaign is. 

PPC offers insight into:

  • Conversion Rate: Calculate the number of leads that took action after clicking your ad (made purchase, registered on your site, fileed out a form, etc.)
  • Click-Through Rate: Measure the relevance and impact of ad campaigns. A low CTR means you need to improve the quality of keywords and/or the ad. 
  • Quality Score: This is the sum of relevant keywords, CTR, quality score of you pages used by Google and effectiveness of PPC. A good quality score indicates highly optimized use of ads, keywords or campaigns. 
  • Negative Spend: This tells you that your ad is appearing in searches that ae not relevant to you business. You need to identify negative keywords to avoid this from happenning. 

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