Out With The Old, In With The New!

It’s no surprise that stale marketing content and dated imagery on a company website can sometimes discourage clients to visit again. In some circumstances, this can even make your competitors look more desirable. Clearly, this is no good for business. So why do many of us work so hard to have a web presence when starting a business, but then tend to place it on the back burner of marketing priorities once it's been completed?
I realize that it can be a daunting task to stay on top of updating and maintaining a website, especially when you are busy running a business - but it’s important that your business comes across as a relevant and thriving one to existing clients and potential prospects.

With relevancy, this doesn’t just pertain to the content found on your site. This also includes the photography that you have posted within. Creating consistency with your photography is incredibly important to remember, although it’s something that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. If you’ve used and recycled the same images for many years, clients may perceive that there isn’t any change or evolution on your end. If you want to be seen as a growing business (and I hope you do!), then let your clients know this through visual communication updates and new imagery.
Frequently updated business photos can inspire trust (in you, as well as with the business), showcase new developments with your company and/or products more efficiently, and place your business ahead of the competition. This also helps to keep you top-of-mind for clients.

Try to devote some time to review the imagery on your website and the photos you’ve shared thus far on your social networks. Now, think about how and why you use images in your business communications, marketing, and social networks. Here are some questions you can ask yourself:
- Do you think your current imagery captures a true snapshot of your business at this time?
- Are you proud of how your imagery comes across to the public?
- Is your photography truly reflecting what you do as a business?
- Does the content on your website relate to the photos you have on your site?

If you aren’t too confident with your answers, perhaps it’s time for some spring cleaning. Out with the old, and in with the new!