I have recently realized truly what I have gained from being a business owner.  It was like a light bulb went off!  If I think back to a time when everyone asks what you want to be when you grow up, I would have said a teacher.  I want to teach, to help and to be with people, young people.  Life happens, priorities change and sometimes our dreams take a back burner. 

When I was presented with the opportunity to build a business with Arbonne(www.arbonne.ca) my goals were to quit my full-time job which I was so unhappy about, stay home with my new baby girl and still feel as though I was contributing to our household income.  I was so blessed to be able to achieve those goals early on.  Not knowing then, that I would be able to dream again! 

When another opportunity presented itself to teach and lead a fitness group, I thought, “This is how I can teach!” So almost 2 years into building my Arbonne business I am blessed to be involved with an organization called Power Stroller (www.powerstroller.ca) What is Power Stroller? It’s a progressive workout that gives moms and dads an opportunity to get physically fit with their little ones!  Yet, the best part of this is, a portion of proceeds go back to local school food programs, “Fit Mommies for Full Tummies.”  Not only am I helping myself and showing my daughter what it is like to be active and healthy but I am sharing this with other moms and we are together, helping to fuel and feed little ones in our local area!! 

So what started out as just this little “lipstick business” has turned this unhappy, overworked, under paid mom into a fit, active, entrepreneur building a million dollar global business but most of all following my dreams and having the time and freedom to make them a reality!

~Dina Elliott

Independent Consultant, Arbonne International and Fitness Mentor