Is One-Time Search Engine Optimization Worth It?

Search Engine Optimization in a box.

Is One-Time Search Engine Optimization Worthwhile?

The short answer is NO!

You cannot buy “SEO in a Box”

Local businesses with no competition who want to show in the local search results may benefit from a one-time optimizations, but in the long run, they are essentially useless.

Does One-Time Website Optimization Help?

There are some benefits but are very limited. Take a look at professional hockey players.  Imagine if they got in shape before the season, worked on their skating and shooting but never practiced again for the rest of the season. They need to continue working on everything in order to be competitive.

One-time SEO will help by fixing some of your technical things like file structure, load times, mobile-friendly sites and meta data for existing pages. These are very important factors but just like the hockey player, it is how you play the game that really counts.

Search, social and site are now very closely integrated. Google has over 200 different criteria to determine where you should rank for what search terms. Take a look at this infographic and you will see that a one-time optimization will really not work.

What if you don’t have the money?

One solution would be to hire a professional marketing agency to take care of all the set-up, technical issues and strategy. Then train your staff. This could be combined with a consultation program to be effective for smaller business. Inbound marketing is an ongoing process. If you don’t have the money, you better have the time.

What if you don’t have the time?

If you have the right guidance and commitment, you can do a lot to help yourself. Chances are you do not have a marketing specialist on you staff and you would have to learn a whole new industry when time would be better spent on your core business.

If you have the marketing budget to support it, you might want to leave it up to the professionals. They have the resources and ability to stay on top of the ever-changing digital world. A fellow WSI consultant, Chuck Bankoff, has written an ebook called “How to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency that doesn’t Stink”.

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