Now is the time to make your Website Mobile-Friendly!

Mobile Responsive Website


Google has given us a warning about their next Google algorithm update. They have posted a notification that they will be including mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor effctive April 21st, 2015. What this means is that sites that do not pass the basic "Mobile-Friendly" test might end up losing Google ranking compared to thos that do. If you haven't started taking your site mobile with responsive design, now is the time to start heading in that direction if you care about Google rankings for your business. 

Start With a Mobile-Friendly Responsive Design

Businesses that really want to dominate the web in their industry already know if their website is not mobile-friendly, they are gehind the eight ball when it comes to tablets and smartphones. A responsive design will help them be relevant, not only with Google but more improtantly with their potential customers by:

Making their Website Easier to Read

It is all well and good to have an awesome design but if it can't be read on a smartphone or tablet's smaller screen, what is the point? Your potential customers will most likely just leave the site if it is not able to adjust to the smaller screen size using reponsive design.

Changing Site Navigation

Can the links be clicked easily with a finger? If not, change those underline text links to easy to press buttons for a more mobile-friendly site. Responsive web design has the ability to scroll between screens, depending on what need to be viewed without having to click on links to get there. 

So, What are you waiting for?

As more and more consumers switch from laptops to mobile devices, it is becoming extremely important to have a mobile-friendly site.

It is possible to convert your current website to repsonsive without having to rebuild you whole website. A full analysis and review would be required for us to make that determination. 

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