Making The Most of a Business Trip

Dave and I are happy that we can travel together for business and we always find time to add sightseeing time at the beginning and end of our trips. Dubai was quite the place to see, but quite hot. Whilst Dave attended and spoke at a conference I was kept busy with meeting some of my connections with whom I had only been able to interact with online. I also facilitated a couple of round table networking sessions, and this resulted in quite a few new contacts and referrals.

Networking is a way of life for me and since my third book was published, and is available on Amazon most of my work is revolved around the topic of networking. You never know who you are going to meet when you are out and about and I made some surprise friends whilst staying in the lovely hotel, which by the way, was the tallest hotel in the World! It’s not all about referrals and sales for me, if I can assist along the way I will, so I became a mentor to a couple of people, which I will continue online now I am back in Canada. We also extended invitations for a couple of people we met to visit us in Canada, because they are thinking of attending one of our many universities next year.

I discovered that small business owners in Dubai must be serious about starting a small business because there are costs involved there that I am not familiar with in Canada. It would appear that this encourages entrepreneurs to really build strong foundations along the way because failure is not an option. It’s not easy starting a business and I think that is one of the pitfalls of some people when they consider doing this.