IT Resolutions For 2017

It’s the start of a New Year and resolutions are in the air! You’ve vowed to lose weight, dwell on the positive, and renovate the kitchen. You’re going to spend more time with your family, take up a new hobby, and find out what the big deal is about yoga.

What about your business resolutions? As an entrepreneur your work life is still your personal life. While you’re working on that resolution list, spend some time contemplating your work weak spots and make strides to take better care of your business this year.

Before you pour over your books and look at your project timelines, think about your core business processes. Where can you provide better support to your employees and your overall operations? How can you improve performance and allow your team to take on more work?

As we are IT professionals, you aren’t surprised to hear that we strongly feel that many businesses skip over the care and consideration of their network, their data; and their databases. Many businesses feel that if everything works, that’s great, move on to something else. Sure, we have an IT-bias, but we’re also a small business; we know what you’re going through and we’ve seen first-hand what happens without network security and data backups. Entrepreneurs who think their companies are secure with “good enough” in any part of their processes are playing with fire.

Speaking of fire, does your business have emergency insurance coverage? Sure it does! But does your company have data insurance? Data insurance isn’t a signed document that promises financial compensation if things go wrong – that would be useless if your database was corrupted. Throwing money around doesn’t get your product guide back or your customer database back in play. It definitely won’t revive your laptop. To insure your data you need to protect it, back it up, and have an IT service at the ready to get you back up and running if your network becomes hacked, or your data is damaged or lost for any reason.

What should you include in your data insurance plan? Digital backups at the very least, and layered security as well. A business continuity plan that includes layered security and backup services such as datto’s BCDR (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery), supported by Polarverse’ at-the-ready independent IT solutions, can go a long way to keep your business running through most worst-case scenarios.

Instead of planning recovery tactics, look at your processes the same way you looked at yourself while coming up with your New Year’s resolutions. What haven’t you taken care of in a while? What aspects of the job do you push to the side? What aren’t your priorities? What do other businesses do well that you wish yours did? It often comes down to polishing the basics and strengthening your core. We recommend that you take a look at your digital core, namely your hardware and software. Is it time to make some updates, to adopt automated processing with cloud-computing, or give your employees and yourself more flexibility to work from home?

Polarverse has first-hand experience with digital processes, Business Continuity and IT solutions. Contact us by calling 519-489-0646 to find out how we can help put your New Year’s resolutions to work.