How to Find Happiness

We search for happiness and struggle to cope when challenges come into our lives. This holds us back from continuing to build our success.

My newest blog post Happiness is Within Your Power shares simple ideas that allows us to remain in the present and not fear our challenges, .

Our mindset can determine how we deal with life in general, if we think happy thoughts our body, mind and spirit work together to help us create the happiness we truly want. We control the outcome.

I have battled many challenges, some stay forever, others eventually disappear, and I liken this to one of my 6 Steps which I share in my first published book, A Life Like Mine. Step 2 - Think of the challenge in your life as a visitor, this turns your thoughts to the challenge as being a short term one. The complete 6 Steps are available in my book and they have been the one thing that is constant in my life that helps me carry on when challenges come along.

Our thoughts are powerful and in order to find the happiness that has eluded us we must think positive thoughts and know that we have the power to control the outcome.

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