How is 2016 going so far?

Here we are 2 months into 2016, how's it going?  Is this the year you plan to soar to the top in your industry?

We often start with goals or intentions, but how often do we look at them again after making them?  To keep focussed and to stay on target, review goals monthly.  The following applies to people in direct sales, but can be used by anyone in sales.

Know your income goals and how you will get there. Can you have regular meetings, parties, or one-to-one appointments to introduce others to the products/service? How many calls will you make in a week? How many people will you recruit each month?  Make goals that are specific and clear.

Tell someone else your goal and what your timeline is for reaching your goal.  This could be family, friend or a business coach.   Sharing your intentions with another person or a group gives you accountability.  If you've got the desire to make it big you should seek advice from an expert at your company on what they did and how long did it take.  

If you have young children can still reach their goals, but it may take you longer because of other demands on your time. I spent many years making a pie with one hand and setting up appointments with the other. The fact is that motherhood helps us master the art of multitasking out of necessity. Don't get frustrated if you get off schedule, just tweak your plan a little and carry on.

Finding success in your business starts with enthusiasm, tell people about your product/service whenever you can.  Don’t be pushy and go for the sale, just create interest.  Persevere, people will do business with those they know, like and trust, so be that person.  Build the relationship. Believe in yourself, do not listen to the naysayers, Remember everyone has an opinion, it doesn’t mean it is yours.

You can be a whiz at sales techniques, go to training and sales meetings on a regular basis, but without a specific goal, you will not succeed. Goals help you define what you want and give a name to your next destination. Few of us would consider packing the family in the car and taking off for anywhere. Driving aimlessly is hardly considered a productive journey. The same issues hold true for your career. Choose the road you will take, know where it's going and be alert for meeting new opportunities as you travel it step-by-step meeting your goals. 

Enjoy the journey and if you need help getting set up or staying on track I would be happy to speak with you.