Gratitude Is Vital!

Well, it's a New Year and I, for one, have decided that this year will be amazing!  What about you?

There is an old saying that says, if you keep doing what you've been doing, you will keep getting the same results. Yuck! for some. Great! for others. I believe we are all capable of making a success of our lives whether this be personal or professional.  And for many small business owners, these two fields overlap all too often.  The ultimate question I find difficult to answer  when someone asks is, 'Tell me about yourself.' What do they really want to know?

I guess whatever comes first says ample about who you are and what you value the most - maybe.  Or it could be, for us small business owners, we are always thinking about work, networking, our next contract etc.  It never seems to end...and I'm glad to have it this way!

While I think we should have balanced lives, having a business that you love to do, becomes who we are and we tend to bring our families on board with us, sometimes whether they willing know or not.  I am so grateful for all the people that I have met over the years, friends, colleagues, SBCN, and newly found contacts.  I'm grateful that I live in a country that supports my philosophy in life and the freedom to be exactly who I am.  I'm grateful for my life experiences, the good and not so good!  but I give the most gratitude to my family - who has always supported me in my endeavors, including my desire to be a Business Woman. 

Never be too busy for the important people in your lives! Happy New Years!