Family walking for the family - Multiple Sclerosis

Posted on behalf of John Turvey...

In addition to walking for my brother Jim who passed away last month, we're also walking this year for Dean Turvey, my brother, and Sheila McDaniel (Jim's daughter, my niece, who was recently diagnosed with MS). Both Sheila and Dean are diligently raising funds, have both exceeded their goal and will be out there walking on April 15th.

Mom who will be 85 this year is out driving around visiting friends and gathering pledges too. Mom will be walking with her newest great grandson, Brendan who is 2 months old. It was Mom's efforts that brought us up and over the magic $20,000.00 pledge total. Jim's wife Maureen is also very busy and has exceeded her goal by 50% ... so far.

The Turvey Team is growing too. We've more than doubled our size this year ... so far ... and may hit 50 walkers! If you'd like to walk with us, just let me know. We'd be proud to have you join the Turvey Team!

By the way, if you haven't had a chance to donate yet, simply go to

Here's the routine ...

Giving is easy ...

  • On the internet, go to
  • Click "DONATE NOW" on the menu bar just above "Welcome".
  • Click the third box down on the right side of your screen, "Pledge a WALKer".
  • Click the third box across, "Pledge a WALKer".
  • You should now see a screen entitled "Find a WALKer".
  • Enter my name ... John Turvey ... then click "SEARCH".
  • Click "View my page" beside my name.
  • Click the middle box, "Pledge me online".
  • Complete the information as requested and submit.

That was easy!

Thank you so much for helping us help others.