Fall Will Soon Be Upon Us!!

Welcome to August! Are you ready for Fall sales?  If you are in a home based company/direct sales you are probably already anticipating the arrival of new Fall and yes, I am going to say it, Christmas Season catalogs.  Business is getting ready to pick back up, kids are getting ready to go back to school, and NOW is the time to start laying that foundation to make these next few months your best selling season EVER!

I want to share a 3 things that you can do now to get your business set up for the fall.

Back to School: Begin thinking about your product line and how you can incorporate them into the season and fall activities. For instance if you have a bag or tote product line, maybe do a party on getting your kids school supplies organized or helping them find ways to best organize and transport their children’s sports equipment. No matter your product line, think of how you can help your customers go “Back to School with Ease” and create themes and parties around that idea.

More Money: This is a great time to talk to high school/college students about your business opportunity. They are looking for ways to earn additional income working around their own schedule. In addition, people are already starting to think about Christmas. Now is a good time to start sharing your opportunity to help them with their Christmas cash.

Themes: Every month has themes, for example August is National Golf Month, so consider some golf themes you could incorporate into your parties. You might even consider hosting your party at a country club near a golf course. Below are a few notable ones...

  • August 10th: National Smores Day – everyone needs ‘smore’ of your product, right?
  • August 15th: National Relaxation Day – time for a spa party!
  • August 17-23: National Friendship Week – Celebrate your friendships with a party!
  • August 26th: National Dog day – why not have a party with your furbabies? Or contact your groomer or veterinarian to host a party.

No matter what new themes you decide to incorporate or how you want to present your opportunity, NOW is the time to get your business set for the fall.