A Duck in the Middle of the Road.....

Early this morning as I was driving my daughter to her part time job we noticed a lone duck sitting in the middle of the road. The duck appeared to be looking around and I felt sorry for the duck because I wondered if he was lost. My daughter said goodbye, got out of the car and told me not to worry as she was sure the duck would be ok.

I drove slowly back down the road and stopped to look at the lone duck still sitting there looking around, but seeming quite content. As I sat and watched another duck came flying towards the lone duck, swooped down as if to say “hello” and both ducks flew off into the sky, staying close together as they flew further away and out of my sight.

Because I have a tender heart I was so relieved that the lone ducks friend had come to find him and they were now together somewhere, hopefully meeting up with other ducks they normally hang out with. I know that I could not have done anything to help the lone duck if the other duck had not come along, and I know I would have worried that the lone duck could get hurt or never meet up with his duck friends again.

Having a tender heart can be painful at times, being too sensitive can lead me to worrying about things I would like to change but have no power to change. I try, sincerely, to help others in any way I can, but sometimes people just do not want to be helped. I spend a lot of time as a mentor and a friend listening to other people’s woes and concerns, but the sad thing is, not all of these people actually want to help themselves. As the saying goes “you can lead a duck to water but you cannot make it swim” actually it should be a horse but I thought duck was apt because of my story of the lone duck. Also the horse would not want to swim in the water it would drink, of course.

So, when I see a duck all alone in the middle of the road, I have to hope that he is waiting to be found by a friend duck or that he is simply biding his time and gathering his thoughts as to how he can find his duck friends. I have to think positive, because if I think negative thoughts it can bring me down and, quite honestly, not help the duck or me at all.

Seeing the lone duck this morning, waiting patiently, all alone, looking around, for his friends made me realise, once again that patience is a virtue, trust is invaluable, and we all need friends. Thank you lone duck, I hope you are flying happily in the sky with your duck friends and, maybe one day our paths will cross again.