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Nutrition and Health are so very important to me!   Why you ask?  Thank you – a very good question.  As I age, like most of us, life presents challenges and our body doesn’t always like our challenges and changes and choices.  I have also mentioned my personal experience around my daughters’ health.  I have spent years now studying, investigating, researching and discussing health and nutrition issues with professionals and friends.  The information learned, applied and respected has had immeasurable benefit.  Weight loss for both Cristina and myself, which has been very beneficial on its’ own.  I will share more about our personal benefits in a bit.

What are the benefits of eating a plant based diet?  What is involved in doing so?  Let’s start with the consideration of our view of the world.  When we don’t buy meat, eggs and dairy products we support the production of cruelty free foods and products.  Health wise, research has generally shown that the higher a percentage of plant foods an individual eats, the lower their risk is for obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.  Now I can share with you my own transition to better health in the last year since going fully plant based.  I have lost over 30 pounds and several inches.  My cholesterol levels went from high, where my doctor recommended medication, to being normal.  My blood pressure went from high to normal and is now just short of optimal.  These 3 things have eliminated or atleast dramatically reduced my risk of heart attack and stroke – both concerns that my Doctor had a year ago – concerns that are now no longer.   Research shows that eating plant based can reduce the likelihood of getting cancer by 40% and of developing Alzheimers by a much as 70%.  My lean body mass % has gone from over weight to normal and my body fat % has gone from being at risk to acceptable or better.  I feel great!  My energy levels are far better as is my outlook on life.  Two years ago, Cristina was tested for food allergies, which were causing her quite severe physical complications.  We went to vegetarian and eliminated dairy almost entirely from her diet and also mine as a result. Subsequent to that, we went plant based.  Last month, the same practitioner tested Cristina for all food allergies once again, there were no allergies or even intolerances.  What a huge change and benefit! 

What is involved in transitioning to plant based? It might seem to be a big change but it can be done by taking small steps.  For example, you could eliminate meat from certain meals or on certain days.  As you eat less meat and find alternatives that you enjoy, it becomes easier to eliminate meat altogether. 

The Plant Power educational workshop at Compassionate Kids is interactive, fun and hands on.  The Kids learn and discuss the different types of food – animal based and plant based – and what each needs to grow.  Journals can be created which gets the children thinking about what they eat in a day and where their food comes from.  The nutrition aspect is important in the workshop and discusses the importance of getting the proper nutrients.  Each workshop encourages learning about food in a hands on way by having the kids prepare a safe, no bake recipe, which they can try when they are done!  The benefits of learning and understanding the health and other worthwhile aspects of eating plant based diet are impactful and make a difference in our daily lives!  Kids learn and can later share their knowledge of thoughtful, compassionate choices which really do matter!  Going plant based is the single most impactful thing an individual can do to combat climate change.  Each day a person who eats plant based saves 1100 gallons of water, 45 pounds of grain, 30 square feet of forested land and one animals’ life. 

The knowledge learned and gained by the children, which the kids can go out into their world and share, is easy to support and understand.  The kids can change the world and their communities!  It is up to us to believe in them!

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