Classique Decor - Excellent Resource for your next Event!

As the SBCN is a networking group I find it beneficial to pass on information about small business owners I have worked with and maybe the visitors to this site will take a look at the websites posted here and in the future may well find they need to use the particular businesses themselves.

One such business is owned by Tamara Gollob and is called Classique Decor

As many of you already know I was the co-chair for Runway for the Cure: Our Vision of Hope, a fashion show featuring breast cancer survivor models. Working with no budget at all and relying on sponsorship of any kind at all, and hoping we sold all 500 tickets, I spent a long time on websites and looking in the Yellow Pages for businesses that would help me in some way. I came across Tamara who owns Classique Decor in the Yellow Pages and phoned her to ask for her help. We arranged to meet at her place of business and we immediately liked each other and trusted that we could work well together. Tamara was very sympathetic to my dilema and because she felt that the Fashion Show would be an excellent way to help raise awareness for Think Pink Week she agreed to be one of the sponsors for this event. Tamara and her co-business owner, her husband, worked tirelessly the day before the Fashion Show and on the day of the Fashion Show and gave 150% of their time and expertise to ensure the Ballroom looked beautiful. They decorated the ceiling and it looked like a fairy wonderland with tiny lights and pink and white sheaths of material criss crossed on the ceiling. Tamara decided that we needed a bit more in the way of decorations and donated even more decorations for the stage and did not ask for anything in return. We had agreed on a one time only price for this event and Tamara gave us much more than we anticipated. I almost cried when I saw the Ballroom finished with all the decorations and would like to thank Classique Decor for their generousity and time and effort put into helping us make sure the event was a success!

I can definitely say that if anyone out there is thinking of hosting an event in the future that to use Classique Decor would be an asset to any event, whether it is a Fashion Show, a Wedding or any such event, Classique Decor definitely give their everything and deserve as many referrals as possible. Using trusted business owners that have come via a referral not only helps the business owner but also the person hosting the event, they know that they will not be let down and their event will run smoothly.