Brian Tracy on Goals 2014

I reently listened to Brian Tracy discuss goals and how to make 2014 your best year ever.

For me, there were some very simple, yet practical takeaways from his presentation.  Not least among them was his suggestion that we need to be clear about our goals but flexible about our process to achieve them.  I wonder how often our personal experience bias gets in our way and prevents us from being as flexible as we could be?

It was also interesting to think about the three major obstacles that prevent goal achievement, as presented by Brian.  He suggested that they are:

1) Comfort zone.  We become complacent about our status and progress.  Overcome this obstacle by committing to doing something different.

2) Fear of failure.  This will paralyze us into inactivity.  Commit to failing fast and learning from the failures.  Self correct and then repeat the process.  Failing fast and early in the process will keep the cost of failure low.

3) Path of least resistance.  Taking the easy route might sound compelling but how many times will we miss opportunities because they are disguised as hard work?

Brian also reiterated his 10 goal method.  He particularly focused on developing a list of ten goals and then identifying the one goal that will have the greatest positive impact on your life.  Move it to the top of your list and then do something.  Get started and keep going.

One of the great anchoring questions that he posed to the audience was:

is what I’m doing creating value or generating revenue for my business”?

Of course, if our answer is NO, then surely we should ask ourselves, “why am I doing this”?

I’m always impressed by the breadth of ideas and suggestions that Brian makes available during his teleconferences.  These sessions are designed for FocalPoint coaches but we are encouraged to invite guests to participate.  If you have any interest in being made aware of future Brian Tracy presentations, let me know.