Back to School... For Grown-Ups

It's not just the kids that are looking ahead to a return to school... in many ways, it's an opportunity for us small businesses to think about our curriculum to move our business forward. Just as children head back into the classroom, exchanging stories of their summer antics, so do we return to networking and our tales of business over the summer months.

Just like returnees to school, it can sometimes be intimidating to make a return trip to networking events. And like children going to school, or a new school for the first time, so too we explore new events and meet new people. This is a healthy and integral part of building and growing a small business; the opportunity to exchange ideas and be inspired to try new things.

So, what do you have planned for your upcoming networking initiatives? How will you make sure you and your business stand out from the others? Will you be remember as the student who worked hard and achieved great success, or perhaps the shy child who fades from memory? Of course, we're not all naturally gifted at networking, but it's a just a skill to be learned like any other.

Perhaps the most exciting thing to look forward to, is the renewed sense of possibility. With our batteries hopefully refreshed and recharged from a well earned break in the summer, we can look ahead with passion and gusto!

I challenge you to 'go back to school' and make new friends, new connections. Be inspired to learn something new and invite others into your circle to collaborate and bring new possibilities to life. Many of us look fondly on our time at school, and lament that perhaps our parents were right when they said they would be the 'greatest days of your life'. But fear not, for we can relive the good times... just in a different way, in the school of small business!