April - Cancer Awareness Month!

What on earth does Cancer awareness month have to do with business, small business in particular? Quite a lot actually. Imagine if you were the owner of a small business and you woke up one morning and your life had changed forever? Imagine if your life had changed to the extent where you could not actually work and you were worried sick about how to cope?

As a small business owner myself I have been in that position, but, luckily, if I can call it luck, at the time I was diagnosed with cancer I was employed by someone else. They paid my wages until I was no longer able to work because of my cancer treatment and then sick pay took over.

I truly believe that awareness is crucial in letting us know that, yes, you might get cancer but there are certain things you can do to help yourself. Awareness also reminds us that we need to be aware of our body changes and pick up on any symptoms that might not feel normal. Awareness helps us make the choice to go along and visit a health professional and not be scared about the process. Healthy Lifestyle, Prevention, Early Detection and Awareness are all important in our quest to live a longer and healthier life. Many years ago there was not as much awareness out there about cancer and other disease so, not being educated about risks and other factors the mortality rate was higher. Today we know that certain cancers can be cured, we know that worldwide, people are working on cures for cancer.

April is an important month for everyone, people living with cancer, people who have lost loved ones to cancer, and also for the people who have not been touched by cancer. April is a sign of Hope and by being aware many more people will survive this terrible disease, or not even be diagnosed with it!