7 Steps To Improve Your Sales Conversations

A lot of people fall into the same trap and could have much better sales conversations.  Often, they talk too much, too little, are over eager, unprepared and appear uncomfortable, cave into a discount!!  Oh, do not get me started on discounting. Never, ever, ever discount your price.  If you feel the need add value but do not discount your price.

How can you improve your sales conversations…? Let me give you my 7 tips:

  1. Build rapport. Before you ask questions or grill your potential client, talk about something you both have in common (do your homework to find out what).  You need to build on the relationship and be likeable.
  2. Find out their needs. Not a big secret here, you must talk to find out what are the clients pain points, what it is they are looking for, what are their goals, aspirations?  Getting your potential client to open and talk about them will help you show them how to achieve them.
  3. Making a clear impact. You can do everything right, but if the potential client does not see the value of your proposition they will not buy.  Make sure your presentation shows the value.
  4. Paint a picture. This kind of goes with the previous points.  You need to know what they want and then you can paint a picture of how that looks using your services or products.  Help them visualize and build excitement.
  5. Give and take. All sales conversations require give and take.  You must get the potential client talking so you can fully understand their needs/situation.  Balance how much you talk with how much you listen.  This will benefit you.
  6. Build on trust. You have heard this a thousand time from me.  People do business with those they know, like and trust.  Be that person.  Do not give them false or wrong information.  Be informed and have their best interests in all you do when presenting a solution.
  7. Plan to succeed. Going into any sales presentation requires confidence and the knowledge that you will succeed and make the sale.  Do your homework.  Listen, take notes, be prepared and you will give your best.


Doing these 7 steps not only will give you the edge on making more satisfied clients but will build your confidence too.  Will you make mistakes?  Absolutely, but keep plugging and you will get the sale.