100th Grey Cup!

Who would have ever thought that buying tickets one year ago would lead to watching the Toronto Argonauts in the 100th Grey Cup- in Toronto, no less! My son is still extremely excited as I was a year ago but today I'm not so sure....too many people, craziness, noise (where is my hearing protection!) I'm packing to head down for the weekend in Toronto, but with the snow.... maybe I should just cancel with the excuse that I can't get out of my driveway?!

A horse in the Royal York Hotel! Seriously! Ok, I think I lead a very sheltered life.

I'm definitely calling in sick on Monday - I'm not entirely sure from what at this point but I can think of a few diagnoses. Stress from too many people. Headache from the decibel levels being greater than 100. Food poisoning from the food or maybe fatigue from fighting my way through hoards of people. Take your pick!

Nevertheless, we got awesome prices for our tickets and hotel room so we aren't throwing those away. The last time I was at a Grey Cup was years ago (I can't tell you for sure how long ago because that would just show my age). I anticipate that I will survive the ordeal with a few dings on my psyche. I'll let you know how we fare out.

It will give me quiet time with THE CHILD (well not really quiet) before he flies out to start his new life with the Canadian Forces. Yep, he will be an employee of the Canadian Government as of December 18 - the Swearing in Ceremony and then flies to Montreal to start his Basic Training on January 5, 2013. His bag is already packed, sitting on my living room floor - a little excited?


Lucie Fournier

Founder/Workplace Health Strategist