The Hub: Submissions

Submission Guidelines

If you would like to submit content for publication in The Hub, please consider the following guidelines:

  • Content should be submitted using the submission form, as explained below in 'How to Submit'.
  • Submissions are to be written in English.
  • Ensure that all content you submit is your own work, or that you have appropriate permission to submit. Where you are quoting, please ensure proper attribution.
  • Please keep your content concise, no more than 300 words. You may invite readers to read more, or explore a topic in detail by providing a suitable reference (web site, book, etc.)
  • Content can be accepted in the following formats:
    • Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx)
    • OpenOffice / LibreOffice (.odt)
    • Rich Text Format (.rtf)
    • Plain Text (.txt).
  • You are responsible for correct spelling and grammar; your content will appear in the manner in which it is submitted.
  • If you need to include artwork, please ensure that it is suitable for print (i.e. high resolution).
  • The SBCN reserves the right to trim content for better fit within the newsletter.

How to Submit

  • Send your submission via the submission form.
  • If you have multiple files (such as text and graphics) - please ZIP them into a single file for submission.
  • You will receive an e-mail confirmation once your submission has been received.


We cannot guarantee that all submissions will be used, or that they will be published in the immediate next issue of The Hub. Content will be selected to fit in with a theme, or to minimize duplication.