It's always good to know when you're doing something right. Our members have shared their thoughts on how the SBCN has helped them... and how we could help you too!

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Maxine Shantz - Gecko Websites

I joined the SBCN earlier this year, and have made a lot of new connections with a wide variety of business owners. I truly have enjoyed listening and learning from others. It is important to understand what is working well for other business owners and to hear how they have become more successful in certain areas of their business. There are always new people joining the SBCN, and therefore new people to get acquainted with. I'm looking forward to another successful year for the SBCN - and of course being a part of the "Power-Up Session" at each meeting.

Janet Benedict

From the moment I met the Ockwell-Jenner's in 2009 I felt welcomed by them and the team of entrepreneurs that come out on a regular basis.  At the time I was in the promotional marketing industry.  Two years later I wanted to connect people and help them see their businesses flourish and I started the Canadian Networker.  Thanks to Linda for guidance and support while I got it up and running.  I appreciate the many shoutouts you have given me over the last 9 plus years and look forward to celebrating more anniversaries with you and the amazing members of SBCN.

Todd Foster

As a member for just under a year with the SBCN, I can safely say this is an organization that provides so much opportunity and assistance. The members of this organization have become friends who strive to help you personally and professionally. You are given chances to reach out to your client base using multiple media platforms, you are provided a platform to present and work on public speaking and you are provided with a great experience to work on your networking skills. The mentorship that is an added benefit to your membership is second to none. If you are looking to grow as a professional, make the investment in the SBCN.

Craig Herner, Ultimate Vision Web & IT Solutions

I have been a member of the Small Business Community Network (SBCN) for over 7 years. This networking group has been very inviting and I have met many great people over the years, many whom I have cultivated relationships with, both professionally and personally.

Networking is not a short sprint, it is a marathon. You need to build relationships with people before you can trust them and refer them to others you know. Giving a poor referral reflects badly on your business and on you as a person. If you expect instantaneous referrals, then you are doing networking wrong. With the SBCN I have developed countless relationships over the years, and over time business has flowed in both directions.

The SBCN is a great organization because not only do you get to meet great people, but it is educational as well. Most meetings has a member presenting, and on occasion an outside guest speaker will present on an interesting topic most will learn from.

I recommend the SBCN to any small business owner that is looking to grow their business, meet other small business owners, and grow relationships that will last a lifetime.

Adam Rochon, Respecting The Process

Becoming a member of the Small Business Community Network was a no brainer for my company. Their mentorship provides practical guidance and opens doors to environments where I can build relationships with other small business owners and truly network with a purpose.

Lois Raats, Ready2Grow

I have worked with small business owners for many years and belong to many business organizations. I return to the SBCN every month because of the quality of its founders and members. Each person I've met through SBCN understands the value and importance of giving before getting. This creates a culture of abundance and opportunity for everyone, and is the reason why SBCN succeeds and grows year after year. SBCN provides a warm and welcoming community for anyone who owns their own business or provides value-added services to business owners.

Sheryll Donovan, Northstar Travel

When I arrived for my first SBCN meeting Linda Ockwell-Jenner was very welcoming and got me settled in with others members. I joined SBCN that same night.

Loretta Morrison Coaching

The SBCN was the first networking event I attended when I started my business. Linda Ockwell-Jenner greeted me at the door as if I was an invited guest in her home. She didn't stop there...Linda introduced me to many members of the SBCN who also made me feel welcome. This is the perfect event to overcome your fears about networking.

Gary Brown, Future State of Affairs Inc.

I have been a member of SBCN for just over a year.  During this time, I have repeatedly seen evidence that the SBCN networking focus is genuine and sincere.  Some other networking groups seem to “talk the talk”, whereas the SBCN organization “walks the walk”.

I congratulate Dave and Linda, the Co-Founders of the Small Business Community Network (SBCN) for their efforts over the past ten plus years.  They care about their community of small business owners and do what they can to help us to help ourselves.  My hat’s off to them both.  Thank you.

MIKE WIDDIS, Principal of UpSide Accounting

I found the Small Business Community Network (SBCN) through the Small Business Centre, (two separate organizations), and boy was I glad I did!  Being a new comer to Waterloo Region I knew no one.  The folks at my first meeting were so friendly and inviting that I quickly decided I had to join and haven't looked back.  Having the opportunity to meet new people (and some familiar ones too) every month is a must for a small business owner.  After all, how is anyone going to know if they want to buy your service or product unless they meet you and experience how much passion you have.  All of the other benefits are "icing on the cake".  The multiple strategies and mediums SBCN has for you to interact and market yourself is unlike any other organization I have ever been a part of.  I have, and will continue to make great connections & gain referrals from SBCN Members.