Always looking for new clients!

When I'm asked how my business is going, my usual response is that things are going well and that we're busy. However, I don't want to create the impression that we're too busy to take on additional clients. To be honest, we can always use more! Regardless of your situation or what you think you may need, don't hesitate to contact me and have a conversation. I can provide a number of options so that you can move your website forward. Even if all you need is a domain name, hosting account and WordPress installed, I'd be thrilled to hear from you!

Site Conversion: It is still really important!

Is Your Website Working Properly?

By now, most companies have a website. It seems incredible that a business would choose not to have a website in this day and age, but it still happens. Since we’re talking about site conversion here though, we’ll leave the convincing of those other companies for a rainy day.

When You Need an Online Presence, Price Shouldn't Get in the Way!

We've all heard it: "You should be on Social Media" or "I couldn't find you online". As competition has heated up on the web, it's getting harder and harder to be found and engage with your customers. After all, you're not just sitting there chatting on Facebook – You've got a business to run. At the DSGN network, we're a small business to, believe us, we get it. That's why we have spent a lot of time mulling over ways to provide more options to make it easier for small and medium-sized organizations to get the online support they need; at a price that isn't hard to swallow.

How to Start Tracking Your Website Marketing Results Easily

If you are using a website to marketing your business, you should consider tracking how people visit and interact with the website even if you are a local shop and you just want visitors to give you a call after getting information from your website.

There are many tracking systems out there which will show you:

  • How many people visit your website
  • Where they come from
  • What they do on your website
  • How long they stay
  • The articles they read
  • and much more

Google Analytics is one of the most popular and free tracking system.

Expanding into foreign markets? 5 reasons why you should translate your website!

You probably consider your website to be your most important tool when expanding into foreign markets. However, how many visitors end up leaving or never even finding your website, because they don't read English? Below you will find the top five reasons that will highlight for you how a website translation can quickly improve your bottom line: 

1) 56.6%* of Internet users speak a native language other than English! 

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