What Sets You Apart?

What sets you apart from the hundreds of thousands of others in a sales capacity.  Whether it is a product or service, your number one product is YOU!

Let me say that again, your number one product is YOU!!

Be your authentic self and offer value every time.

Here are 5 things that in my opinion are key to setting you apart from others.

1.  Educate yourself!


What Are You Selling? My Response...

Recently, I was thinking about when I am doing strategic marketing, digital media, social media, webinars, cold calling, going to network meetings, calling existing clients, and other methods of engaging in conversation with the intent to "build a referral exchange relationship based on integrity, honesty, and old school handshake”, and something important occurred to me. I get asked - "what are you selling?" sometimes directly and most time indirectly. My response is always - nothing, I am looking to discuss and exchange ideas.

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