Expanding into foreign markets? 5 reasons why you should translate your website!

You probably consider your website to be your most important tool when expanding into foreign markets. However, how many visitors end up leaving or never even finding your website, because they don't read English? Below you will find the top five reasons that will highlight for you how a website translation can quickly improve your bottom line: 

1) 56.6%* of Internet users speak a native language other than English! 

Three Tips on Improving your Written Business Communications

Proper grammar and spelling in daily business communication is unfortunately an often overlooked, essential tool. Many of the people you work with on a daily basis (such as your management, employees and even your customers) may judge your company's reputation based on the written documentation you provide to them. Failure to use proper grammar and spelling can quickly weaken your company's reputation and decrease your business success before you can blink an eye. Your current website or flyers might invite your current customers to visit your store or buy more goods and services. You don't want to risk not being understood by your target audience simply due to a lack of proper grammar and spelling! Even the Wall Street Journal wrote an article about "rampant illiteracy" in 2012:

But do not despair! We are here to provide you with three simple tips that can help you to improve your business communications:

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