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Shortened URLs (and QR Codes)

You’ve seen them before: the cryptic shortened URLs.  Generally speaking, these are short links to sites with long names.  Services such as,, and (mostly defunct) will take the long URL and create a shortened version.  The result is something that looks like this: 

Why Does Your Business Need Layered IT Security?

A common question we get asked is whether you need virus protection, anti-malware software or a backup system?

The answer is yes – you need it all.

Layered security, also known as layered defense, is the term used to describe the multiple programs and actions you need to competently protect your computer, network, email, and website from hackers and viruses. There is no single knight-in-shining-armor solution.

Internet Security

Most of us like to take pride in our "do it yourself" project. Some of us are born handymen (handy women), but, many of us are not. Sometimes, we spent twice or three times the required time to finish our "do it yourself" project, and ended up covering our fault with duct tapes and hope that no one will see the duct tape.  Unfortunately, for computer security, you cannot use duct tape and hope for the best. You are either protected or exposed, there is no grey area. Many of our clients who purchased online or off-the-shelf protection, only to find themselves in a worse off situation.

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