Workplace Health: Traditional or Alternative Medicine?

With the world leaning towards alternative and complementary medicine, growing tired of the ongoing prescription of drugs with more and more side effects, it's critical that we look at alternative ways of staying healthy. There is absolutely a place for traditional medicine - this is not my argument.  I believe medicine saves lives every day with doctors and surgeons laboring hard at ensuring the optimal choice of treatment (s) is explained and provided to us. This is the tried and tested and we can't live without it. No debate here.

Money's Values

Everyone asks themselves what they’d do if they had a million dollars. But how many of us know whether what we truly value in life requires it?

Today’s culture seems to reward getting as much as you can for as little as possible. Buy one get one free, bundle your services for a discount, supersize your fries… Whatever you call it, the idea of consuming more for a lower cost per unit is nothing new.

But seldom do we stop and wonder when enough is enough. When will enough money actually BE enough money? And more importantly, how will more money make my life any better?

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