Don't be Anti-Social in 2014

With Facebook having turned ten years old this month, it’s becoming harder to remember what the Internet was like before Social Media. Liking, Tweeting and Find us on Facebook are all terms that are now woven into our digital subconscious.


Social Media is something that most business owners are told “You need to be on it”. We disagree. Your business should be on a select few Social Networks that actually make sense for the type of business you’re in. At a high-level here are some things to help narrow your view:

When You Need an Online Presence, Price Shouldn't Get in the Way!

We've all heard it: "You should be on Social Media" or "I couldn't find you online". As competition has heated up on the web, it's getting harder and harder to be found and engage with your customers. After all, you're not just sitting there chatting on Facebook – You've got a business to run. At the DSGN network, we're a small business to, believe us, we get it. That's why we have spent a lot of time mulling over ways to provide more options to make it easier for small and medium-sized organizations to get the online support they need; at a price that isn't hard to swallow.

Twitter and Facebook: Social Media for Businesses

Engage to Connect

Facebook has almost twice the number of users than the population of both Canada and the United States combined. Twitter has close to 200 million users. Reaching out to this online universe can be more useful for business than leveraging any other medium that you can think of. These two major social networks have cut across geographical boundaries and evolved to a stage where even traditional advertising barriers such as age and language can't hold back their stupendous growth and popularity.

Just a word of caution on Identity Theft

For social media (such as Facebook), some of us might have completely forgotten what we put onto our Facebook Profile. Please go onto your Facebook profile and double check if you have put your full birthday (year, month and day) and is allowing the public to see. Please consider removing the year of your birth and put a restriction on who can see your birthday. For those who would like to know more, please visit http://www.dominicvs.com/barrie-it-support/encryption-identity-theft/

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