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The DSGN Network Partners with KOI Music Festival

KOI Music FestivalWe are excited to announce a brand new partnership between dsgn network and the KOI Music Festival for 2014. The dsgn network, in association with RDC Networks and Cisco, will be

Why Outsource Your Marketing

When it comes to Marketing, there are really only two options out there: hire a Marketer / designer in-house or outsource your marketing efforts. There are distinct differences between the two options, so let’s explore further.

In-House Marketing

We’ve all been there; at some point or another, each member of the dsgn network has been a part of, or was the marketing department for a business. Having someone in-house does have one distinct advantage over outsourcing your Marketing:

You’ve got a salaried employee sitting in your office, 8hrs a day, ready to go!

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