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Don't Believe Everything You Hear

I've spent the last year wondering what has reallly gone on in the world of small business and I've come to a conclusion - some of you may like it and others will not. I'll go back a bit to give you some background before I tell you exactly what I'm referring to in this article.



Corporate Leaders, you have the POWER to re-implement a good old fashion approach to communicating with your employees - a face-to-face conversation.

There is no question today that people are hungry for human connection - any kind will do. I viewed a video that gave astounding statistics on how many people are connected to Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc. We need to keep in touch, follow-up, like or tweet our friends, family, co-workers - it seems this is the life for many.

Tis the Season for Setting New Business Goals

Although I find the end of the summer the best time of the year for making new business goals, most entrepreneurs take advantage of the New Year to write down some new goals for their business. I believe as many do, if you don't take the time to decide where you are headed in your business, you stay exactly where you are.  The whole purpose of owning a business is to ensure you are progressing in the growth and services you offer your customers. We aren't meant to uphold the status quo - if we did, we could almost guarantee business failure.

3 Reasons why You should Hire your Children

When my children were young, like most kids, they wanted to know what you were doing and they wanted to help - all the time.  So I hired them, on contract of course, you know, just in case they didn't meet up to my expectations. And, the good thing about it, it was a business expense because I also paid them. You can speak to your accountant about this lovely deduction. 

Workplace Health: Traditional or Alternative Medicine?

With the world leaning towards alternative and complementary medicine, growing tired of the ongoing prescription of drugs with more and more side effects, it's critical that we look at alternative ways of staying healthy. There is absolutely a place for traditional medicine - this is not my argument.  I believe medicine saves lives every day with doctors and surgeons laboring hard at ensuring the optimal choice of treatment (s) is explained and provided to us. This is the tried and tested and we can't live without it. No debate here.

Taking Care of You!

As busy small business owners, we forget to take care of ourselves while we are attending to our customers and managing our networking contacts. In order to stay healthy, it is important to pay attention to our health.  If we aren't healthy enough to work, chances are our business is going to suffer.

Some simple things to do despite your busy schedule can include some of the following:

Christmas Spirit!

Christmas is not my favorite time of the year.  Although to many, the opposite is true. Along with the festive season comes a lot of work, extra time shopping for that perfect gift and grocery line ups with carts full of turkey and ham. Me, I prefer to hide during this time of the year.  If I have to shop, it happens when everyone is sleeping or the very first thing I do in the day.  Too many people, too many things to do, too many things to think about, and yes, too much money spent.

Celebration! And more Celebration!

The official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony has been performed.   A special thank you to my family, Mayor Doug Craig and the Chamber of Commerce, Scott Bridger for attending our little soiree.

Plenty of food, friends and family is what makes every celebration a moment in time to remember. Despite the cold weather - brrr! the ribbon was cut outside of the entrance to the beautiful business building at 284 Water Street North.


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