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Do I Need a Toaster?

Way back in the ‘good old days’, banks used to try really hard to get new customers.

They also seemed to think that they should treat their current customers differently than the new customers they were trying to woo. What they didn’t seem to realize was, their current customers were the ones who allowed them the budget to try to attract the new customers.

Successful People Are Not Created

I write about things that happen in my daily life, real life experiences.

Today I received yet another email promising me that if I wanted to be successful I should sign up and pay a certain amount of money to the person emailing me, in order for them to create my success or transform me, and then I would be successful. Really? Can someone actually "create" me? I thought I was already created - since I was born. 

People Know if You Love or Hate Your Job

I had the pleasure and good fortune to travel to the Dominican Republic with my husband for a short vacation a couple of weeks ago. In all honesty I had no idea about the culture, or the environment, or what kind of economy the Dominican had. We just wanted a holiday because we work very hard and its difficult fitting one in.

What struck me from the very first day was the humble, friendly and excellent service we enjoyed on a daily basis from the people who served us our food, drinks and continued to ask us if everything was OK.

The Full Customer Service Experience

Again and again I realize people just don't get customer service. It's not about giving a little bit of great customer service, it has to be awesome and create an experience from the beginning and continue, not stop halfway.

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