SBCN Event: The Interactive Decade

The SBCN is pleased to present

The Interactive Decade


Looking for better results from your marketing campaigns? One of the hottest new trends is Interactive Marketing—leveraging the power of interaction to promote your brand.

Coined by Professor John Deighton at Harvard, Interactive Marketing is all about the conversation.

Want to see how powerful Interactive Marketing can be? A recent two-day marketing blitz from 'The Old Spice man' has created an Internet sensation by posting video responses to questions posed on various social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. With close to 6 million views in just 24 hours, Old Spice is the brand on everyone's mind...

"Old Spice Man takes Internet by storm"

"How Old Spice campaign changed social media"

"New Old Spice ads an Internet sensation"

Join our experts to find out how Interactive Marketing can work for you!

Lisa Bragg
 Erin Bury Martin Buckland
If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what moving pictures can do for you! Lisa Bragg explains how video is helping people broadcast their brand.
 Sprouter leverages the power of social community to enable entrepreneurs to connect, exchange ideas and support one another. As Community Manager, Erin Bury is at the heart of the social interaction universe. As one of Canada's top career management experts and personal branding strategists, Martin Buckland knows the power of promoting interaction in managing your career.


Prepare for the Interactive Decade

September 13th, 20106:30pm

Waterloo Inn Hotel