Want to Come Along to One of The Small Business Community Network Meetings For FREE?

Hi there, LindaOJ here, President of Motivational Steps, Co-Founder of the Small Business Community Network. I want to offer you a chance as a non-member to come along to one of our meetings completely free of charge! If you are a Member and listed on our Member Directory, you get the chance to invite one of your connections, completely free of charge!

Whats the catch I can hear you asking - I would like your help - and by helping me you also help yourself, win a great prize and come along to connect with like minded small business owners.


Over the past 10 years since I have been a small business owner I have been busy writing articles, blogs, podcasting, along with my keynotes, workshops, writing books and much more. I know, I sound like wonder woman, well I am a wonder woman in a way, but anyone can do what I did, even wonder men:)


It could be said that writing articles, blogs, posting on social media sites is a waste of time, and it may be to some small business owners. But the fortunate of us know the many benefits involved if we take the initiative and showcase who we are, what we do, why we do it and how we do it by writing articles etc.

So, I want to offer you a chance to showcase who you are by simply commenting on my recent blog post featured on the TELUS Talks Business website. Not only do you help me out by offering your tips and thoughts on my blog post you also benefit by being on the site, you can even build your own profile, along with a photo, completely free. TELUS Talks Business is a brilliant resource and offers a lot of free information, tips and tools for you to use.


Please click on this link: http://community.telustalksbusiness.com/blogs/talk_business/2011/05/03/i-spy-wifi#cf and comment on my blog post, it is a very simple process. Whilst you are there check out the  site and see what you think, it is worth the time and effort involved, believe me. Now comes the best part - those of you who do comment on my blog post will be entered into a prize draw and get the chance to attend 1(one) meeting of the Small Business Community Network completely free of charge! Also you will receive, at a time convenient to both of us, 1-hour complimentary consulting from me, LindaOJ! Wow! Yes even I see the advantages offered here:)

Looking forward to your comments on my blog post and connecting very soon.