Small Business Community Network, Waterloo Region

The Small Business Community Network group (SBCN) was founded in 2003 by Linda and Dave Ockwell-Jenner. It was felt there was a need for an organization such as the SBCN to help small business owners enter the world of networking. Our guiding principles are:

    Offer a warm welcome to both members and guests.
    We focus on building relationships of trust.
    Mentorship; helping one another grow.
    Referrals are not an expectation, but they come with time.
    We are not limited to a single member of each profession.
    To offer educational opportunities.
    To be accessible to all small business owners.

Who would be interested in the SBCN?

    Small business operators; their employees and support network.
    Business owners who would benefit from support and relationships with other business operators.
    Entrepreneurs & start-ups.
    Students considering going into small business.