SBCN Summer Social 2014 Photos

Thank you to everyone who attended the annual SBCN Summer Social event on Monday. Our only challenge this year was fitting everyone in. It was quite funny because we sold out of tickets very early, then we added a few more tickets by request.  We finally had to say no to people who wanted to attend, and we placed those people on the cancellation list. As with all events some of the registered attendees could not attend at the last minute, but we had guests who had heard about this event coming straight to the restaurant and filling the spaces of those people who did not turn up.

Most of this week I have been copied on emails and social media messages by Members of the SBCN and Guests who attended  this event, and these astute business owners are setting up follow up meetings to find out more about each other - yay - the SBCN is certainly the hub of the small business community where business owners, and students can connect with other professional business owners.

We are already planning our annual Christmas Social, but before that we are excited to be planning an exciting Fall line up of events, starting off with our "Back to Networking" event in September, details will be made public soon! This event will be a little bit more interactive, but it certainly is not the same old, same old, such as speed networking. Please mark your calendars for the 3 (third) Wednesday in September - 17th September 7pm 9pm. You will be guaranteed new connections, a chance to build new relationships. a fantastic evening with many benefits.