Introducing SBCN Ambassadors: Nelson Dunk & Brendan Waller

LindaOJ here, co-founder of the Small Business Community Network. I am pleased to introduce two remarkable people, young  entrepeneurs, SMB's and an inspiration to us all, Nelson Dunk and Brendan Waller, who have both taken on the roles of SBCN Ambassadors for 2012.

Let me share with you how I came to meet both Nelson and Brendan.

I am not called the Social Sweetheart for nothing, so it will not surprise you to learn I met Brendan on LinkedIn, I invited him out for a coffee meeting and we instantly hit it off. I knew immediately he was a go-getter and we shared stories about our personal and business lives; I invited Brendan to come along and check out our monthly meetings at Kitchener City Hall and he did turn up at the meeting but I forgot who he was! Yes, I know, weird, but I was having one of those days, rushing around, I meet so many people and I always admit my memory is bad and I am blonde.

Since that moment we have furthered our friendship and our business ties, we have a bond that is strong and I trust Brendan, our relationship is continuing to grow. Brendan could have been insulted when I failed to recognize him, but we laughed and that is rare in business today, being able to move on and get over it.

You can find out more about Brendan here:

Nelson Dunk is someone else I met via LinkedIn, and yes, I invited him out for coffee too, and yes, we hit it off as well and yes I instantly felt I had known him forever and we also became great friends and business collegues. Nelson is one of the most sincere people I have met in a long time and always there to help. His company, Skylight Productions, is responsible for  the @MarketPlace Video you will find on the SBCN Home Page. Nelson, like Brendan became a valued member of the SBCN and has continued to help us in any way he can.

You can find out more about Nelson here:

In business today trust can be an issue, taking the time to build relationships and get to know the people you want to work with is the best way to go. I highly recommend both Brendan and Nelson and suggest you connect with them, you won't be sorry.