Messages from the Founders

November 19th SBCN Waterloo Region Event

Our November event will be here before you know it and we are extremely lucky to have SBCN Co-Founder Dave Ockwell-Jenner speaking at this event.

It's That Time of Year! SBCN Christmas Social

It's almost that time of year! The Small Business Community Network (SBCN) has been hosting our Christmas Socials for the past 7 years. We know that the small biz owner might not have a work Christmas Party to attend, so we created one for you.

Members and Guests Welcome, so check out the details and register so you too can enjoy the SBCN's now famous QUIZ!

Register to attend:


SBCN Small Biz Clinic Celebrating Small Biz Month

We have an awesome line up of small biz experts for our Small Biz Clinic taking place next week on Wednesday 15th October, at WRSBC, Kitchener City Hall.

Are You Getting Noticed?

LindaOJ here, co-founder of the SBCN and the one and only, Social Sweetheart. I am often asked how it is that so many people remember me, so I thought I would share a few of my thouoghts with you today, because when I started my first business Motivational Steps, no one noticed me at all, let alone knew who I was.

Getting noticed is the first step, the second step is about being memorable. People remembering who you are, which they won't if you don't get noticed.

Small Business Community Network (SBCN) Supporting Our Members

LindaOJ here and today I want to share with you that one of our loyal member/ambassadors Craig Herner, owner/president of Ultimate Vision Web Design & Consulting and Ultimate Vision Computers needs your vote! Craig is entered in the Records Favourite IT Support Company category, and would definitely apprciate your support.

Four New Members Joined the Small Business Community Network in Septmber

LindaOJ here, co-founder of the SBCN. I am so happy to share that we are still growing our membership, and in the past 3 weeks of September we have had four new members join our oganization.

Growth is awesome, and in the case of the SBCN we have enjoyed a steady growth in the past eleven years, which is much better than a rapid visit to the top and then an even faster journey back to the bottom!

Retail Council of Canada (RCC)

We are here to help you, and today I want to share an awesome event taking place in Toronto, which if you are an independent retailer, is a great event for you to attend.

SBCN First Event of the Fall SOLD OUT

Happy to share that the Small Business Community Network (SBCN) first event of the Fall season has Sold Out! Be sure to register for the October event early so that you don't miss out. We will be celebrating Small Business week in October, so be sure to look out for all the details coming soon.