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SBCN Kid Friendly Networking

SBCN Kid Friendly Networking

New to 2014 we are reaching out to the SMB's who would like to bring their kids to the SBCN networking events we host during the day, SBCN Stratford Chapter is one such event, and we have others planned!

Spread the word, SBCN Kid Friendly Networking is here!

If you would like to host a Kid Friendly Networking event during the day at YOUR location, your place of business, let me know and we can chat about the details.

10 Years and Growing

LindaOJ here one of the co-founders of the Small Business Community Network (SBCN) and as we enter this new year, 2014, I want to wish you all a Happy, Healthy & Successful year. Success is different for everyone, but networking can definitely yield many benefits to SMB's who network consistently. Please check out our Membership Benefits page and if you have any questions email me, thanks.


Welcome to the Small Business Community Network (SBCN).