Messages from the Founders

Small Business Community Network (SBCN) Your Networking Strategy

The SBCN will be celebrating our 15th year in business this November.

What do we offer you as a member of the SBCN?

The question is what do you need to assist you grow your network which in turn will lead to more sales and referrals? We can offer you many solutions once we know what your needs are.

Here are some examples of reasons why people become members of the SBCN:

Dave Ockwell-Jenner SBCN Networking Event

We are very excited to have a very special presenter at our September 19th networking event at the WRSBC, Kitchener City Hall.

Thank You Adam Smith MyITGuy

Adam Smith, MyITGuy has been the SBCN Event sponsor for the past couple of years.

For professional computer and network systems service, businesses throughout the Kitchener-Waterloo region look to My IT Guy as a reliable and trustworthy source.


SBCN Your Connection to the Small Business Community Canada

We are the Small Business Community Network (SBCN)—your connection to the small business community, across Canada. We're committed to building strong business communities and connecting the key people within them. Connecting, collaborating and consistently working together builds a stronger economy.

SBCN Summer Social 2018

We hosted our SBCN Summer Social last night, and once again it was a great success. It's an opportunity for Members and Guests to come along and get to know each other. Our now famous SBCN Quiz is always great fun and today I am showcasing the winners of the Quiz.

It's Special Event Time

If you've been to some of our events in the past, you'll know we like to mix things up now and then and do things a little differently!

Our June 2018 meeting will be another of our special events... a new spin on networking, building relationships and continuing our journey to business success. "What is this special event?" you might ask. It's a closely guarded secret, but it follows things like Build-a-Biz, and The Apprentice which left long lasting impressions.

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